It is not by an accident that you happen to be on this site. You have been drawn by the wish to be healthy, live happily, in excess and joy, enjoying what Destiny has to offer. You might have come here accidentally, surfing the Internet in search of something new and unusual.

It is not a mistake, you have come to the right site.

This site will introduce to you a new (or old forgotten) technology of improving the quality of life which works in hundred cases from hundred – PRANA BOX®. Because it is based on understanding the natural dynamics of our organism work. We speak not only of a physical body. We speak of thoughts, feelings, views about yourself and the world,  energy, force… A body is only a material mirror of what happens to you on narrower levels – intellectual, sensual, mental.

Life flies, many people start thinking that old age is normal, to be ill is normal too.

  • Is it normal to wake up in the mornings as if you did not sleep?
  • Is it normal to save so much that it is enough for everything, but not to wish anything?
  • To be scared of the future, misfortunes, but anticipate them?
  • To fall into despondence either because everything has already happened or won’t happen or will happen but won’t bring joy?

Well, THIS IS NOT NORMAL! If something like this is happening, it means something has gone wrong on the energy level. “Electrical engineering” of your body has changed.

PRANA BOX® is a way to get back the sense of life novelty, the chance to become young, energetic, cheerful, healthy again – to want and be able! These are not just words. If “just words” helped, we would live differently.

PRANA BOX® is a technology of increasing a body conductivity, improving the work of the “bulb” thanks to which your eyes sparkle and your hands make. This is an innovative method which does not has analogues and it is based on ancient knowledge about energy exchange in an organism of a living being.

So, come here, sit down, feel yourself at home. Read the feedbacks of real people, their stories, think about your body physics refreshing your school knowledge and try everything yourself!