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Month: May 2015 (page 1 of 2)

Real miracles

Whilst the project existence, the PRANA BOX® technology has been experienced by more than 500 users…

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What does PRANABOX consist of?

PRANA BOX® is a construction. No one does any movements with his hands or hypnotizes you, neither offer to take apozems or wear amulets. This is a technology which can be seen, touched, taken to pieces…

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How can one become a participant of the PRANA BOX project

You can join the PRANA BOX® project applying to our Center and making an appointment with a specialist-adaptormetrologist…

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Possibilities of PRANA BOX

PRANA BOX® technology aims first of all at improving a man’s life potential. But these are not the limits of the system capabilities…

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PRANA BOX technology is safe

Since the mechanism of the system operation contains the method of natural bio regulation of the level of a human’s body conductivity, the use of PRANA BOX® is totally safe and does not have any side effects…

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About Technology

PRANA BOX® is an innovative technology which combines a progressive approach and ancient knowledge about miraculous properties of pyramids…

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Trust yourself

If you think thoroughly, the basis of all subjective reasons is the lack of Credibility

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Disturbers of natural processes

In addition to internal subjective reasons, external factors also influence the level of conductivity…

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The nature of human energy

Every person as a mini electro station processes natural electromagnetic waves coming from the Earth through his/her body into electricity…

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The technology of the future

“There can be no much or little energy, you receive just what you need exactly at this moment for your health and successful life”…

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