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Month: October 2018

Ammonite is an amulet of well-being

The ancient mollusk called Ammonite had a spirally twisted shell. It is capable of influencing the energy and well-being of a human.

Finding out about this knowledge and applying it in practice, everyone can touch the power of natural energies.

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Ammonite an ancient stone

Ammonite is a petrified shell of the ancient living creatures. It has the spiral shape, which means the eternal passage of time in the culture of many nations, and this passage repeats but never ends. The spiral says that the history may repeat more than once and, however, it develops, reaching a qualitatively new level with each next turn of the spiral.

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More about the project

Prana Box project is represented by LLC Wenger and Capital s.r.o. (the Czech Republic), which is an owner of the PRANA BOX® technology and trademark.

Prana Box is a concentrator of the vital energy for the remote recharge of a human.

Thanks to the unlimited source of Nature, Prana Box is able to remotely accumulate the reserve of the living resource in the human’s organism.

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What users say

All names and the style of writing are preserved. All those people are real and you can contact any of them if you have such a need.

Today, as of 2018, the team of like-minded people is working on creating a new domical energy park Prana Box® located on 0.3 He of land, which would give all its visitors miracles of Natural phenomena. Such a park will not only positively react with the environment but also with every visitor of it, of all ages. We believe that we’re able to do it with our own join efforts!

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