PRANA BOX® is an innovative technology which combines a progressive approach and ancient knowledge about miraculous properties of pyramids…

It took 7 years to research and bring it to the present condition.

This is the system of natural regeneration of human’s biotic potential by increasing conductivity of a body.

Due to the use of the technology there happens a releasing of suppression present in the organism, disposal of breakups which prevent a free movement of electric flows through a body’s meridians. Thus PRANA BOX® restores an energy membrane of a human’s body.

The work of PRANA BOX® technology results at changes on physical and psychological levels.

  • Recovery of the lost life power.
  • Sanitation of a human’s organism.
  • Increasing of immunity and threshold of diseases resistance.
  • Improving of general health condition.
  • Improvement of cardiovascular system.
  • Pungency of wit.
  • Increasing of a male and female sexuality, increasing of men’s sexual potency, and women begin radiating a special kind of fluids which is called female sexuality.
  • A body’s rejuvenation.
  • Renewal of an organism on a cellular level.
  • Improvement of mental health, a man’s emotional condition.
  • Decreasing of uneasiness, releasing from fears and panic conditions.
  • Disposal of the syndrome of chronic weariness.
  • Stress resistance.
  • Improvement of life level by means of appearance of inexhaustible source of energy contributing to cheerfulness, positive thinking.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Decreasing of sleep length without harming your health condition.
  • Weight loss by changing of taste preferences to using natural products and decrease of food amount necessary to feel full.
  • Increased sensitivity.
  • Display of new abilities, creative disposition, splash of creativity.

Due to restoration of the capability to fully adopt natural electro magnetic flows there happens a renewal of all system of organism. You give your body the opportunity “to remember” on the cellular level, how it is to be healthy and happy. And your organism will be restoring until it gains the pick.

Many users of PRANA BOX® mentioned that after the activation of the technologies amazing things started happening to them. Emotions became as pure as they were in our childhood, the feeling of joy and happiness became more acute. The perceptions of the world became positive and harmonious. But the most important thing he, receives an energy support from the Earth, acquires self-confidence. You live, face difficulties, negative things as before, but the way you react to irritants changes into quiet observation. Negative emotions seem to be flying by without getting deep inside, which conduces a man’s not destroying himself from inside by worries, fears, sufferings.