Ammonite is a petrified shell of the ancient living creatures. It has the spiral shape, which means the eternal passage of time in the culture of many nations, and this passage repeats but never ends. The spiral says that the history may repeat more than once and, however, it develops, reaching a qualitatively new level with each next turn of the spiral.

Thus, stone Ammonite had a huge value for people, reminding them about the eternity of time and the ancientry of life on Earth. That’s why this mineral was named after the powerful god Amon (Amun) of Ancient Egypt, for good. He was a ruler of an endless sky sphere – which everyone saw but nobody could touch.

Ammonite is considered one of the most powerful magical stones due to its spirally twisted form. “There is one law for everything living in Universe”, ancient people used to tell.

The shell of ammonites is developed follows the law of progressing geometrical spiral and strictly sticks to it. Our Galaxy is also built using this law. Indeed, as the ancient Hermetic wisdom tells, “The above is the same as below”.

Unspoken laws tell that everything in our universe develops in a spiral – it symbolizes the established world order.

Ammonites were the protection for cephalopods 65 million years ago. Those mollusks became extinct many years ago but their shells are still found by paleontologists all over the world.

Ammonite is extracted everywhere, where seas and oceans used to be. They are excavated from sandstone and clay.


The shell, which was buried under many layers of clay or sand, was calcified with varying minerals. Mostly, those are chalcedony and calcite. They give the ammonite mysteriousness and dreamlike traits by reflecting the sunlight with its cold fringes.

Special features

Technically, ammonite is not a stone but a mineral. It was acknowledged so in 1981. The mineral shines with pearlescent colors.

Its ability to attract the positive energy was noticed by ancient Greeks.

They loved to fall asleep with this mineral nearby. And it gave them good dreams. The stone creates vibrations, which allow people to tune on the needed wave.

Mostly, the useful properties of the ammonite are defined by the minerals that are in its content but some of them are characteristic for all such fossils:

  • strengthens the immunity
  • restores powers
  • improves self-feeling.

The ammonite helps its owner end the depression, normalize the sleep and get rid of bounds of stress. The stone as if draws all bad thoughts and fears away, down on its spiral, leaving only easiness and calmness of mind.

Some people believe that the Ammonite opens magical powers in people, for instance, foreseeing – the ability to know what was before us and what will be after. It’s a good thing as the stone, the ancientry of which is hard to imagine, collects the memory of millions of years of existence. The stone will definitely share a part of this knowledge with a wisdom seeker.

Magical powers of the Ammonite are due to the ability to bring the order into life in all its spheres. By putting on a jewelry made of this stone, a person starts to better understand the reality around, understand the reasons and causes of this or that event, which eventually helps such a person build more harmonious relations with people around and the world.

For whom this stone suits based on Zodiac sign?

The Ammonite is a peace-loving stone. It will never bring harm to its master.

But it is believed that the mineral has a tight connection with water. That’s why it especially strongly protects sailors, protecting them and bringing luck in far sea travels.

The stone is ideal for water and wind signs, however, for each of them, it has its own meaning:

  • to Cancer, the Ammonite will provide all possibilities to implement their ideas and, first and foremost, it normalizes the relations within a family,
  • to Scorpio, the mineral will help establish the mental balance and find the equilibrium between softness and rigidness in relations with people,
  • to Pisces, it’ll give the required stability – the starting point, from where they can start going to new heights,
  • to Aquarius, the Ammonite will give motivation, will give relief from procrastination, and will allow finishing all actions to the end,
  • it’ll save Libra from impulse and thoughtless actions, which may lead to trouble,
  • it will teach Gemini patience and concentration,
  • Aries will receive a powerful load of energy,
  • Taurus will have an inexhaustible source of new forces,
  • to Leo, the stone will make a gift of all desires,
  • to Virgo, it’ll help implement all those desires into life,
  • to Sagittarius, the Ammonite will show the time of action and the time of waiting,
  • and to Capricorn, it will show how to find the place in society.

It will all happen if they will wear the Ammonite all the time.

As all other magical stones, the Ammonite chooses the master on its own. The decisive factor in such selection is not a name or a gender of a person but only inner qualities, goals, and strivings. These can attract or repulse the mineral.

Jewelry and mascots

People have noticed a long ago that beautiful shells can be a wonderful finish for jewelry. Many necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets have found their customers only due to the fact that the Ammonite was used to manufacture them. Most often, the fossil is cut in the middle, exposing its mysterious spirals.

Ammonites are one of the most powerful mascots on Earth.

The spiral structure repeats the spiral structure of many galaxies. It tells us that the stone has a powerful connection to the universe, which it transfers to its owner.

The mineral not only protects but also gives the knowledge to a person, which he or she needs in this exact moment of time.

Storing it

It must be taken into account that the Ammonite was subjected to an invasion of other minerals for millions of years, so it does not tolerate other stones nearby. It must be stored in a separate place. In addition to this, there are no other specific rules for storing. Clean it with some soft material once a week. Sometimes, put in it water to make sure the stone reveals its potential the most.

Don’t worry that the mineral may be counterfeit. Only one look at the Ammonite is enough to understand that only nature was able to create something that astounding and unique. It is interesting to know that each stone is unique: the tangled pattern never repeats.

As a mascot, the Ammonite helps scientists who study antiquity – historians, art historians, archaeologists.

The Ammonite in the house contributes to thriving and family happiness.

The ancient Greeks used to put the Ammonite at night at the head of their beds, believing that it was bringing sweet dreams.

In the workplace of the office, it will bring success.

As a mascot, the Ammonite can be used by people traveling by water and those whose work is connected with water, for example, submariners and divers.