The ancient mollusk called Ammonite had a spirally twisted shell. It is capable of influencing the energy and well-being of a human.

Finding out about this knowledge and applying it in practice, everyone can touch the power of natural energies.

That’s the destination of the merchandise we offer you.

We sell the paired mollusk, namely, one of its twin parts. We received such Ammonite by high-precision horizontal sawing of the spirally twisted shell.

After the sawing, the natural morphogenetic bond is established between two equal parts of the petrified shell. In other words, the two parts of the ammonite become informationally linked together, as if brothers-twins.

The theory about the existence of morphogenetic bonds was first sounded by Rupert Sheldrake.

Alfred Rupert Sheldrake is a British writer, biochemist, plants physiologist, and parapsychologist. He first formulated the theory of the morphogenetic field. This modern biologist made a lot for the popularization of the idea of the morphogenetic field in the people’s masses. You can read more information about this in his book, “Seven experiments that should change the world”.

The geometry of the ammonite is an Archimedes’ spiral, which is twisted using the laws of the golden ratio.

You have to know that turning the energy in a spiral either gives energy or takes it from you.

That’s why we highly recommend using only that part of the paired spiral to contact the body, which is tuned to give the energy.

We put a number on each part of the ammonite and input it into our database.

Prior to selling it, we put one paired part of the ammonite to the special environment under specifically set conditions, in which it accumulates the natural energy of Earth.

Such technology for the accumulation and distant transfer of the energy of nature is called Prana Box. This technology is patented and has been acknowledged by the Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology (UIHE). In 2016, UIHE has made the detailed clinical study of Prana Box and it was scientifically proven that this method is effective when it comes to the improvement of the quality of living and for the normalization of the functioning of the human’s health. Read more about this here.

There is some information about the Prana Box technology

One half of the ammonite is put into the special stone pyramid and stays there for 24 hours a day. Such a pyramid is essential to accumulate the natural energy coming from the Earth’s interior. Such a pyramid has five spherically curved mirrors and one energy plate with golden adornments. This plate is designed based on the law of golden ratio and is a powerful generator of thin natural matters.

The method allows to increase the energy of the ancient Ammonite in a natural way and to transfer it all day long to any distance from that part of the mollusk, which accumulates it, to the twin part, which is tuned to give out the energy.

By using our author method, you have a possibility to use this knowledge to make use of it. All you need to do is to wear one half of this paired ammonite on your chest as a pendant in a way to make the polished side of it touch your skin. It will allow receiving the transferred natural energy into the informational field of the user.

Each pendant from the spiral ammonite is unique by nature. It means that it only exists as a sole exemplar. You have a possibility to choose the pendant from the ancient ammonite aged over 65 million years to your liking.

All paired ammonites undergo the preliminary purification from any negative energy they might contain. We make this procedure thoroughly and treat every stage of the work with high respect.

The price of the product includes the 365-days transfer of the natural energy since the moment of its sell. If you want to prolong the transfer for another year, please contact us.

Or, when you feel that you’ve reached the sought result, please contact us as well and we’ll send you the other half of the paired ammonite. It is also included in the price of the item (excluding the cost of its mailing).

What happens next with the spiral ammonite after the distant energy transfer stops?

This energy will work endlessly long, although its power will be reduced several times after ceasing of the transfer of the energy. In any case, such an amulet will bring you an unspoken use through years of wearing it.

What is included in the set that we offer
  • two paired parts of the ammonite
  • an integrated fastening made of brass for the pendant (on one of two parts of the paired ammonite)
  • waxed thread to hang a pendant (one meter long)
  • 365 days of 24-hours a day transfer of the natural energy.

The energetically charged ammonite is recommended not only to adults but also to elderly people, children, pets, and home plants.