Rada joined the project with the main purpose to learn to control her emotions, enjoy life and finally be happy…

Rada is a business lady, she is 52, and as we say, she has achieved everything in her life by herself.

Rada joined the project with the main purpose to learn to control her emotions, enjoy life and finally be happy…

“What do people search for at all times? Love, happiness, prosperity… “Just when you achieve everything in your life, most of all you feel like howling with the pack.” Do you remember the quote from the movie? It was about me. No treatments lessened emptiness and soul pain. Everyone says that a strong person can both fall and get up. I had no forces to do so. I earned money, did business, but I did not feel any happier of it. I used to be a worrying robot in whom lots of emotions were raging, so many fears, offences, negative thoughts… that at a certain moment I stopped hearing myself. I did not understand how to learn to be happy with life Here and Now. How to find Love in myself. How to be happy every second. How to learn to accept everything that is happening to me…”

– Rada Ray

Rada attended an appointment with me on the recommendation of someone we both knew, my client. I saw her doubts. “Do you believe me?” I asked her after telling her about PRANA BOX®, she honestly replied, “No, but I trust the man who recommended you to me.”

“When Oleg took out the device for diagnostics of conductivity, I did not expect any miracles, I was just observing what would happen next. He looked at the result of measuring and started… reciting my diagnoses. I was shocked. How could he know this?! Oleg was speaking not only of my diseases, but also what was in my heart. At this moment I madу up my mind to become a participant of the project PRANA BOX®. How effective it was you can see looking at my photos before and after it. There is only three months difference between them. The first photo was taken on March, 19 and the second one on June, 12…”

– Rada Ray

I often say to my clients: do not believe me, believe what you feel.

That is why the phrase “It is hard to believe – just to experience” is kind of a motto of the PRANA BOX® project. Rada has experienced it and you can see her result on the photo.


I am proud of the project looking at what she has become. I am glad for her.

With every suchlike story of transformation I am getting more and more convinced that the PRANA BOX® system works!

“The first month I was flying with euphoria. I had so much energy, woke up in the morning and everything made me happy – the sky over me, the sun in the sky. Why had I had so many worries before? A month later my cosmetologist asked me what I was making to myself and what made me younger. I noticed changes: my skin changed, I looked fresher, younger. I started losing weight, stopped wearing black clothes. I wanted something new – bright, light… Gradually I changed my hair color, hair style, clothes style… But what is most important – I changed myself, became calmer, more self-conscious…”

– Rada Ray

 I do not fully understand how it works. I know one thing: this is an ancient method probably known even by our ancestors, it is with a certain purpose that the pyramids were built on the Earth – those we use in the PRANA BOX® system, only in a much smaller size.

It is neither a psychological methodology nor hypnosis, my clients do not take any tablets or additives. They are charged with natural energy. Being a researcher first of all I can see it on devices.

It is seldom that someone is able to save his energetic entirety throughout his life. All of us live in the real world: we suffer, fall ill, grow old, do not believe in ourselves, suffer from fears and complexes, eat toxic food, live in the environment contaminated by a technical progress… All this rackets a human’s body conductivity, its capability to absorb natural energies and vibrations.

PRANA BOX® is like an energetic “vitamin”, solar battery which fills a person with energy setting the organism on meaningful healthy existence. The system does not effect mentality or physics of a body. It gives your organism an inexhaustible resource for self-recovery.

“To know and to be able are different things. To be able to be a happy, joyful, loved, sustainable person under any circumstances and any surrounding – that is what the project gave me. One more thing: “The Sun does not know who is right, the Sun does not know who is wrong, the Sun shines without the aim to warm anyone. He who finds himself is similar to the Sun!”

– Rada Ray

The story was commented by Oleg Venger