Prana Box project is represented by LLC Wenger and Capital s.r.o. (the Czech Republic), which is an owner of the PRANA BOX® technology and trademark.

Prana Box is a concentrator of the vital energy for the remote recharge of a human.

Thanks to the unlimited source of Nature, Prana Box is able to remotely accumulate the reserve of the living resource in the human’s organism.

Our nature is electrical exchanges in the cells, without which the body is slowly becoming disabled like a discharged battery.

The living resource of any human reflects the duration and quality of life.

Prana Box returns the Human body to the natural vibrations of the golden section (1.618) and then Nature itself contributes to the harmonious development in the perfect proportions of the golden section. The Prana Box users’ reviews are available on this page.

Believe it or not? Is it truth or lie? Fantasy or reality?

The answer is simple enough. It depends on the belief formed by the consciousness of any thinking human. As any belief is an inmost truth, all the Universe will strive to justify such beliefs for every thinking human.

Each human knows only, what his/her mind knows, and no more. The human mind doesn’t know much about the nature of its origin, which means that it is possible to know what is a truth and what is a lie only in practice. Even a human who calls himself/herself a “realist”, can transform his/her old beliefs when encountering the world of vibrations invisible to a human eye in practice. Well, for those who keep looking, it is time to realize that our human nature is primarily electrical, not biological, and it can change a lot for everyone who pays attention to it.

A living resource in the human body is registered as an indicator of electrical conductivity. The electrical conductivity index is expressed in the energy charge of the cell of the body. Such an energy charge of a cell of a body is measured in millivolts.

By increasing the electrical conductivity of the body, it accumulates the potential of a living resource. Due to the high and balanced level of electrical conductivity, the natural potential of health and youth is formed in every living organism.

Using this knowledge and the laws of nature for the benefit of life, a human will begin to move into a phase of active longevity. This, in turn, will extend not only life but also youth for many years to come.

The opportunity to extend your own life, the lives of your relatives, friends, and close people is priceless. The most valuable thing we have is to live, love, feel, live in the phase of active longevity and youth.

I keep using the technology of active longevity Prana Box for many years and responsibly declare that this technology brings youth and longevity.

Now I am 45 years old, I am not keen on sports or healthy nutrition, I am keen on the remote recharging of the body, which accumulates my life potential and it inspires me to live and create with joy.

I love and appreciate my youth and longevity, so I will always maintain the potential of the electrical conductivity of the body, whatever it costs me.

Fortunately, each human being is responsible for building his/her own body and maintaining life in it.

I call this technology Prana Box as in Sanskrit, Prana means “breath, life”, in the traditional Indian medicine, this knowledge is based on the knowledge of life energy, strength. BOX in English means “case, concentrator”.

In other words, Prana Box is a vital energy concentrator. This technology not only contributes to the accumulation of vital energy but also increases and balances the electrical potential in the body.

Prana Box harmoniously aligns the energy field (the biofield) and neutralizes the barriers, which prevent the free movement of bio energy inside the body.

The consequences of such a charge are as follows:

  • improvement of the general state of physical and mental health
  • rejuvenation and renewal of the body on the cellular level
  • normalization of the blood circulation in the body
  • the increase of the capacity of abilities
  • a significant increase in the level of vital energy
  • harmonization of many areas of life.

For many years, enthusiasts and scientists from all over the world have been searching for, introducing, and researching the effectiveness of various devices and technologies for structuring human’s vibration space. For this purpose, I propose to those interested in such a research to pay attention to the technology of Prana Box, and in particular, to conduct the research on the topic of harmonization, increase, and balancing of the bio-galvanic potential of the body.

Prana Box technology is not intended to cure any disease. But recharging (accumulation), balancing, and increasing the level of electrical conductivity in the human body contributes to the natural recovery of the entire body.

For me, Prana Box is a technological tool for the remote charging, harmonization of the bio potential in the body, and accumulation of electrical conductivity. My personal many-years studies, as well as the long-term observations of other users, confirm that Prana Box is a technology, which aims at:

  • increasing the bio potential of the body and its electrical conductivity
  • recovery of the lost vitality
  • improvement of the body
  • normalization of the blood biochemistry
  • improvement of the immunity and increase of the disease resistance
  • general improvement of the state of health
  • improvement of work of all the functional systems of the body: the central and peripheral nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, urogenital, endocrine, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, immune systems
  • acuity and high concentration of mind
  • enhancement of sexuality
  • renewal of the body on the cellular level
  • improvement of the mental health, the emotional state of a person
  • the decrease in anxiety, the disappearance of fears and panic states
  • rescue from the chronic fatigue syndrome
  • stress resistance
  • improvement of the relationships with other people
  • improvement of the quality of life due to the appearance of an inexhaustible source of energy, which promotes vivacity and positive thinking
  • the appearance of confidence
  • the reduction of sleep without affecting the state of health
  • gradual weight reduction due to a change in taste preferences towards the consumption of natural products and the reduction of the amount of food required for the essential feeding.
  • increase of sensitivity
  • the development of new abilities, creative aspects of personality
  • creative (non-standard) thinking in everyday life
  • change in world outlook and in the attitude to life, people, and events.

Prana Box users report to me monthly about the improvements of their state of health (follow the link to read some reviews).


Prana Box is a system of natural recovery of life potential by means of the increase of the electrical conductivity of the body.

Using such a technology, there come unblocking of the clips present in the body happens together with the elimination of “breakdowns” interfering with the free movement of electrical flows along the meridians of the body. Thus, Prana Box fully restores the energy shell of the human body.

Due to the fact that the ability to fully absorb the natural electromagnetic flows is restored, all body systems are updated. The body creates the conditions, in which it “recalls” at the cellular level, what it’s like to be healthy, energetic, and happy. And the body in such conditions will be restored until it reaches the peak of the form.

Many users of Prana Box note that as soon as the technology was activated, the surprising changes began happening to them. Emotions became as pure as in their childhood, the experience of joy and happiness became more sensitive. The perception of the world became positive and harmonious. But the most important thing is that a person who receives energy support from the Earth gains self-confidence. The user also, as before, lives, faces difficulties, negativity and so on but the way to respond to stimuli is changed to quiet observation. Negative emotions seem to pass tangentially without penetrating deep inside. This perception of reality contributes to the fact that the user of the technology no longer destroys the self from the inside by feelings, fears, sufferings, and negative emotions.


Prana Box is an accumulating technology, which consists of a spherical dome-shaped concentrator, inside which there are separate devices – cells (pyramids). The whole structure is made of environmentally friendly natural materials. The devices-cells are made of the cast stone having a unique physicochemical composition and are built according to the principles and laws of sacred geometry. The cells have specially selected shape and size, due to which they accumulate and generate natural vital vibrations. These vibrations are remotely transmitted to that living organism, the information about whom is recorded in a unique cartridge of a photon copy. Such an individual user’s cartridge is permanently located in the cell of the pyramid.

The sphere has 2 main functions: it accumulates natural energy, prevents dispersion, and protects the stone pyramid from the bad weather conditions – rain, snow, etc. The pyramid accumulates electromagnetic flows coming from the Earth and directs them to the photon copy cartridge.

The photon copy cartridge is a unique know-how of the technology. The cartridge is a plate covered with an exquisite pattern made of gold threads on the outside. There is the sacral information generating vibrations of golden section ciphered in it.

The clinical studies conducted by the Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology (UIHE) officially confirm that Prana Box is the latest innovative technology, which promotes the full recovery of a person to his/her natural state, thereby improving the quality and safety of human life.

The Prana Box device is recommended by UIHE for bio correction of the functional state of the human body supporting its homeostasis for the restoration and preservation of the health of people in the changing environmental conditions.

The Prana Box technology has been developing for over 7 years. During this time, the number of users has grown to thousands of people. The research carried out by the Institute in 2016 showed a 100% functional (bio-galvanic measurements) restoration of health to the absolute norm of all the participants.



My family and I have been using this technology for over 8 years.

Oleg Venger