This is a technology which combines an innovative approach and ancient methods of an organism sanitation and renovation…

PRANA BOX® is a system of natural renovation of a human’s life potential by increasing a body’s conductivity.

– Oleg Venger

This is a technology which combines an innovative approach and ancient methods of an organism sanitation and renovation…

It is based on an ancient method which might have been known by our ancestors, pyramids on the Earth were build for a certain reason – they are the ones we use in PRANA BOX® system, but in a smaller size.

Basically the technology is built on the principle of conductivity – the capacity of a physical body to conduct electricity.

Since a man consists of water for more than 60% and water is an electricity conductor, every second natural electromagnetic waves flow through our body, and the cells create electricity.

Electricity gives us energy, makes our organism function to the utmost – move, breathe, think, resist diseases…

 – Oleg Venger

The indexes of conductivity are changing throughout a day, they become different depending on season, also they depend on a man’s condition, decreasing if he is ill, exhausted, is suffering or under alcohol.

Functional condition of an organism influences its level of conductivity. However, there is an inverse relation: the higher a body conductivity is, the better a man feels, the healthier and younger his body, the more stable his state of mind is.

PRANA BOX® is a construction consisting of a spherical dome and 9 stone pyramids functioning as a generator under it.

Such construction is set in ecologically clean surrounding, on the ground, its task is to accumulate natural electromagnetic streams and conduct them to a person.

To be connected people with the device in the installation is placed one half of the pair of ammonite. The user carries the second part of this Ammonite daily on his chest as a pendant in the thymus gland zone.

The impact is at a distance notwithstanding in what part of the world the person is.

  • Organism sanitation.
  • Renovation and rejuvenation on a cell level.
  • Immunity increasing.
  • Improving of psycho emotional condition.
  • Reduction of sleep duration without detriment to health and amount of food eaten.
  • Increasing of stress resistance, dispensation of the syndrome of chronicle weariness.
  • Display of hidden talents, splash of creativity.

PRANA BOX® is an inexhaustible source of vitality! 

– Oleg Venger