PRANA BOX® technology aims first of all at improving a man’s life potential. But these are not the limits of the system capabilities…

The system of restoring a life potential may be used in the following way:

  • Individually by one user with the possibility of placing the construction in his yard or on the specially equipped ground of our Center.
  • By a group of people – family members, group of friends, like-minded people.

PRANA BOX® system can be placed both near a man’s home and on commercial objects.

  • Health resorts and recreation facilities.
  • Medical clinics.
  • Resorts, SPA-centers.
  • Offices
  • Entertainment centers.
  • Fitness clubs, sport studios.

The technology has excellently recommended itself as a way to harmonize the work of all the systems of a man’s organism that is why the use of PRANABOX construction in medical and therapeutic institutions contributes to achieving better results in treatment.

The system of restoration of life potential PRANA BOX® has a favorable effect on a man’s mental abilities, it increases working capacity, relieves from the syndrome of chronic weariness and professional fading. Feeling a surge of power and energy users of the project are ready for fruitful work, can work longer and more with the same quality of work. There can appear creative abilities, the level of conflict and irritation decreases which improves micro climate and relations in the collective. That is why the use of PRANABOX in companies gives good results which lead to a positive dynamics in indexes of business grow, rise of the company profit, appearance of new customers, projects, vectors of development. The system is recommended for top-management.

Esthetic effects observed with the use of technology – rejuvenation, improving of someone’s look, skin, nails, hair condition, weight loss – are much better than the results of attending SPA-clinics, Clinics of plastic surgery, weight loss, purification of an organism.

Besides using the PRANABOX technology on people, our Center conducted a series of researches on animals and plants.

As the result the effectiveness of the use of the system on any living organism was proved by experiments.

The use of PRANABOX on animals leads to improving their health condition. Dogs and cats showed outer changes – their fur shines and is healthy, eyes stop “get sour”.

The use of the technology in a cattle-breeding sphere (cows, hens, pigs) encourages the rise in their productiveness: cows give better milk yield, hens lay more eggs, etc.

The PRANABOX system for increasing conductivity has a positive effect on plants: it increases seeds germinating capacity, harvest, plants do not get sick.

Thus, today the spheres of PRANABOX use are widened beyond the private or everyday limits. The system can be used:

  • in agricultural institutions;
  • farming;
  • agrarian institutions;
  • horse stables;
  • private nurseries;
  • reserves.