PRANA if translated from Sanskrit means  “breath, life”. In the traditional Indian medicine the knowledge about a human’s life energy is behind this word.

We have given the name PRANA BOX®  to this unique project because it is based on the principle of concentration of the Earth’s natural forces and transferring them to a human for a natural recovering, supporting and increasing his life potential.

Like a bowl into which one can collect rain water and use it for a good cause or solar batteries accumulating energy, natural electromagnetic waves, necessary for a human’s life, are collected into the box.

Though PRANA BOX® is not a box, of course. The construction itself consists of a spherical dome (see the photo) which acts as a concentrator of natural energy.


The dome not only prevents flow of energy from diffusion, but it also protects the generator which is located under it from bad weather – snow, rain.

The generator… It sounds anthropogenic, doesn’t it? Our imagination pictures a buzzing scary apparatus producing energy.

In practice such “generator” was used by our ancestors in times when no one heard about electricity. This is a pyramid.


People knew about amazing qualities of pyramids in ancient times more than we know now. Nowadays few people understand how and why it works. We can only be surprised by miracles.

  • That seeds placed into the pyramid give better crops.
  • That water or herbal extract after the pyramid become curative and do not freeze when temperature is below zero.
  • That radiation decreases, wounds heal, products do not get spoiled.

In PRANA BOX® the pyramid acts as a “collector” and transformer of natural energies. There are nine of them under the largest sphere, but there is only one in a small construction for an individual use. This is not the end.

There is a cartridge in the very core of the pyramid. It is a plaque covered with a golden tracery of an amazing beauty. The cartridge is made with the use of a special technology.


There can be no much or little energy, you receive what you need at the certain moment. PRANA BOX®  is not a simple technology, it is a clever system which acts on the basis of natural mechanisms.