You can join the PRANA BOX® project applying to our Center and making an appointment with a specialist-adaptormetrologist…

Adaptermetrology is a science which researches the level of a human’s body conductivity.

The first stage: diagnostics

Adaptormetrologist carries out diagnostics of the level of a human’s body conductivity basing on the assessment of changes in electro chemical potential with the help of a special device “Akutest”. Such diagnostics does not affect the work of PRANA BOX®, one can go without it. It is only a way to control the effectiveness of the technology.

During the first visit the 3D-model of a man’s energy field is formed on the ground of the probes of conductivity level. Afterwards you can do the diagnostics again observing the changes in your field condition.

The study of the results of 500 participants of the project showed that a week later the activation of PRANA BOX® a man’s energy field levels acquiring the form of an egg, deformations, deep hollows, bulges, bluffs disappear.

The research is made by a man’s hands: first right, then left. Adaptormetrologist does probes by 7 biologically active points from the back of the hand, inside and collateral side. These probes are the basis for creating the man’s energy-matrix.

  • The method of probes of energy balance (potential) was first spoken about in 60s of the last century. Its author was Reinhold Voll. The method is based on ancient knowledge about Chinese acupuncture.

Voll defined it that healthy people have conductivity indicators over 80 in every point of probe, which means that the organism is in the condition of energy balance and does not need an additional regulation.

  • Conductivity indicators of 80-82 are found in less than 5% of people on the Earth.

See the below to learn more about the ratio of measuring and condition of human health.

Indicators of conductivity in biologically active points

80-82 units and higher – Excellent health, a person is in a state of energy balance.

60-79 units – Normal condition, a person is healthy but there is some little deterioration.

50 units and lower – The condition is satisfactory, a person has some chronic illnesses.

15 units and lower – A person is seriously ill oncological disease is possible.

The second stage: activation of pair ammonite in the system PRANA BOX

Pair Ammonite consists of two identical parts. One of these parts is placed on the cartridge of the pyramid chamber.

The third stage: contact with Ammonite

The second part of such Ammonite you wear as a pendant on the chest, in contact with the body in the area of ​​the thymus gland. Since this moment the PRANA BOX starts working for you.