Whilst the project existence, the PRANA BOX® technology has been experienced by more than 500 users…


“Initially, I was involved not directly in a project, I came to the appointment with Oleg Venger. I felt self-doubt as a woman. A frienf of mine advised to ask Oleg an advice. What I got having joined the project? I calmed down, I lost weight, I resumed fitness, I stopped sticking up in a cat-and-dog life , I’m a mom of four, and for the first time I had a wish to devote time to myself. I have my own company in landscape design. Now I am full energy. I can work endlessly, almost without tiring. No matter how complicated the order is, I need an hour or two to imagine the project. So many ideas, the only one thing I regret that a day is just of 24 hours”.

Alena Popikova, 35, a cosmetologist

“I cannot say that my life was terrible before the project. I was not ill, I did what I liked to do, one thing that bothered me was constant sleepiness, apathy, the condition when you wake up in the morning and feel as if you had not slept and you want to go to bed again. The first thing I felt after joining the project was lightness in my body. It was such a cheerfulness from morning till late night! I began smiling more, feeling better. One morning I woke up and felt I wanted to do yoga. Myself! I started to practice yoga, meditate. Then I noticed I had become more sensitive, I felt everything on a more sensitive level. In theatres watching plays I felt shivers up my spine. Being a cosmetologist I could not help noticing how young my face became. I knew it was not due to biorevitalization or meso therapy. You suddenly start looking better, as if you become 5-10 years younger. I am happy with the project and think that everyone needs it”.

Victor Arkhipenko, 42, a businessman

“The most valuable thing for me is that now I do not depend on anything. Thanks to PRANA BOX® you are easily and fast released from any dependencies. I gave up smoking in one day, though until then tried a hundred times, and each time it was a headache. It is easy not to eat favorite but unhealthy food, I stopped drinking liters of coffee. Before, each of my days included at least 10 cups of coffee, I used to drink it in the morning, during the day, and certainly before the evening training, otherwise I had no strength for sport. And now I don’t need it at all, I have so muc energy. I do not know how a man in the age of 42 years should feel, personally I feel fine, without feeling neither age nor time”.

Oksana Annin, 41, caretakers

“I joined the project PRANA BOX® on the recommendation of a friend, not really believing that it works. I did not do anything extra, just continued to lead me way of life. But it started working itself. Before that I could not sleep well, I had a strained relationship with the children, I lived in the autopilot mode – work, household cares, work again … And then suddenly, I realized that something has changed. I began to feel better, I felt calmer, relationship with my children became better, small quarrels and dissatisfaction with each other gone away, our home became cozy and warm. Everything was going well. Recently, my husband and I have bought a new car – we changed the old Lada on the car of a foreign model. And it was a miracle that we found the money on as before we could not afford any bells and whistles “.

Rada Rai, 52, a businessman

“I came to the project in a condition close to despair. Anyone who is engaged in business, knows how much nerves it does take. It got to the point when I took 3 tranquilizer a day. My husband left me, and daughter did not speak to me for a year. It seemed like just a little more, and I would be torn apart from my worries. On the first day in the project, I fell asleep without any pills, for the first 2 years. It was a breakthrough, I couldn’t believe it. During the next 3 months I have changed so much that people couldn’t recognize me. I became thinner, younger, changed clothes, I was happy, joyful, self-sufficing. And once a phone rang, my daughter asked if she could see me. Thanks to PRANA BOX® I realized what miracles are, and they happened to me! “

Alexander Skrypka, 35, a businessman

“Since I joined the project (about 3 years), I stopped being ill. Just some slight colds during the first year, and some time later no diseases. Whatever flu epidemic is I’m not ill, even in case of close contact with the ill person. After seeing the results of the pyramid, I invited my brother to the project. And his life, too, changed for better. You know, I don’t want to convince you, just give it a try. And you’ll feel the change for yourself”.


“Before I joined the PRANA BOX® project my life had been empty. I came across it in a quite difficult moment in my life: I lost my business, was head over ears in debt. My inner condition was also very bad, it seemed to me that my life had passed, all the best had already happened to me and I was unable to do anything. The main thing the technology gave me was the Belief in myself. I consider this project to be actual for active people, those who want to act. After joining the project I had the feeling that chances were coming to me themselves. I don’t know how it works but within several months I achieved great results – I built new profitable business, paid out all my debts, my meetings became fruitful, and projects – successful. I am so self-confident that while going to a business meeting I am calm and it doesn’t matter who is in front of me – country leaders, businessmen from Forbes list or the Pope”.


“In my case changes came immediately. I cannot say it happened at once, but within a few weeks everything began getting better. I felt as if I was lucky in everything I got down to. Before joining the project I was a sales representative and though I have a diploma of psychologist, I could not work by specialty. I did not like my work, it was like a horse running around the riding-house. Suddenly our company started transforming, and I was offered to change my position and become a psychologist, educational tutor. This is what I wanted so much! I lost 10 kg within a few weeks, it all happened by itself. Once passing the counters with meat in the supermarket, I caught myself thinking that I felt disgusted. I spotted eating meat, fat and fried. I wished to change my clothes into brighter things, I died my hair from brunette into honey blond, changed my hairstyle. Now when I see myself in the mirror I like what I look like! I consider PRANA BOX® to be not only technology, but it is the Gift, present which you can give to yourself. No matter how much you pay for it, you will always receive much more back”.