PRANA BOX® is a construction. No one does any movements with his hands or hypnotizes you, neither offer to take apozems or wear amulets. This is a technology which can be seen, touched, taken to pieces…

PRANA BOX® works autonomously
  • Regardless of whether you believe or no.
  • Without any agents. It is something like a solar battery which you only set properly and activate.
PRANA BOX® works remotely
  • It does not matter in what part of the world a person is, 24 hours a day his life field is saturated with energy.
PRANA BOX® works while it is necessary
  • At any moment the system can be deactivated, it is enough to remove your pendant from Ammonite (about which we will tell you further …).

If translated from Sanskrit PRANA means “breath, life”, in the traditional Indian medicine this meaning implies the knowledge about life energy, power.

BOX is English “multiplexer”.

In other words,

PRANA BOX® is a multiplexer of life energy.


The construction consists of three parts:

  • a spherical dome made from solid plastic;
  • a stony pyramid acting as a generator of natural electromagnetic waves;
  • a unique cartridge of photon copy.

Sphere has two primary functions: it accumulates natural energy preventing diffusion and protects the stony pyramid from bad natural phenomena – rain, snow, etc.


Pyramid generates electro magnetic flows coming from the Earth and directs them to the cartridge of the photon copy.


Cartridge of photon copy is a unique know-how of the technology.


PRANA BOX® is a patented technology having no analogies in the world.

Pyramids can be in two conditions: active and inactive so the system can be turned on or off.