It is great to feel yourself developing and your life is being filled with sense, actions, energy…

Elena Shevchenko, a psychologist

Thank you so much. I am glad that I have learnt how to catch the moments when my brain starts to govern me with the help of “well-badly” which I did not notice before.

Thanks to the project I am learning to manage my thoughts and emotions, and I like it a lot!

I like to govern my life, emotions, take the responsibility, but not to sit and think that these are the circumstances or I am a loser and so on.

I am really very grateful to you Oleg for sharing your experience and knowledge which have been accumulated for many years and centuries. The experience of participating in the project is valuable and very useful for me.

It is great to feel yourself developing and your life is being filled with sense, actions, energy.

I’ve started to feel myself such a powerful energetic creature that is able for something incredible.

So, YES! – Together we are a Power!

The project PRANA BOX® works great!!!!

Elena Shevchenko, a psychologist

Alice Sheremetieva, a numerologist, journalist

While participating in PRANA BOX® project my life has changed significantly. From a person who always struggled to survive and find my place in the sun I’ve gradually started turning into a Person who is happy for every day of my beautiful life!

I have an impression of shining with happiness and love which I am overfilled with. It is true, that when you are 40 your life only begins! Now I know it for sure! My children and friends do not recognize me! I am getting younger and blooming day by day! These changes are not only in my appearance.

After the divorce I lived in a rented apartment for many years. I did not have enough money to buy my own apartment in Kiev. At the moment when I put up with the fact that life was beautiful anyway, a miracle happened: the apartment which I had been renting for three years was put up for sale. I was thinking of searching for a new accommodation, but the man, who I dated, decided to make a present for me. So now I am a rightful owner of the apartment of my dream. How can’t I believe miracles after all?

Alice Sheremetieva, a numerologist, journalist

Vladimir Kutsenko, a businessman

PRANA BOX® project  not simply works, but it clears our dirty consciousness giving us the signs of improving our financial condition and position in society because “EXISTENCE DETERMINES CONSCIOUSNESS” (Carl Marx)

I express a big gratitude to Oleg Venger from all my family and me personally for this wonderful project.

In my opinion, each of us must understand and assimilate that due to us Higher Forces have given us the chance to be useful not only to ourselves but also to the world surrounding us.

I am grateful to Oleg for this wonderful opportunity to be a participant of the project and use the technology PRANA BOX® 24 hours a day!

Vladimir Kutsenko, a businessman

Alyona Popikova, a cosmetologist

I am sincerely grateful to the destiny for brining me into this magic project. My inner work has given a visible outer result.

The new experience has caused in me an emotional energetic splash and the feeling of my power and unlimited gratitude.

These are the true miracles with PRANA BOX® !

Alyona Popikova, a cosmetologist