“There can be no much or little energy, you receive just what you need exactly at this moment for your health and successful life”…

PRANA BOX® is more than a gift as it is the system of natural regeneration of human’s biotic potential by increasing conductivity of a body by Mother Nature itself”

“PRANA BOX® is not simply a technology, this is a smart technology, the activity of which is based on natural mechanisms”

Oleg Venger

prana-box_46_1What does a complete happy life begin with? With energy. It is the energy that fills our bodies with power and our life with sense. Go back to the past. Remember the bicycle given to you by your parents when you were a child…The first kiss… The first success… Are you as emotional about moments of happiness in your adult, mature life as you were in your childhood or youth? What about the morning? Do you wake up as cheerful and with sense of completition as in your younger years? Are you able to feel joy about birds’ singing, the sun shining, do you fully feel how tasty a ripe apple is?

Every person has a kind of electric bulb inside himself, the bulb which shines brightly in his youth years, pales in the course of life and goes down in the end. This is our life power, energy potential due to which a man moves, thinks, loves, earns money, brings up children… The brighter your personal “bulb” shines, the better you feel, the healthier you become, the more effectively you build your life.

Understanding the value of health and youth, many people start working on themselves scrupulously: they lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food, do sports. Everyone searches for his own way of energy “flushing” –someone practices yoga, meditates on Goa, someone excretes in Swiss clinics, goes to personal trainings, divorces his wives-counterparts and marries young…. No one wants to grow old, be ill, and finally die.

Energy flows come through a man’s body even if you do not do anything special for this, it comes from nature, environment. The difficulty is that a body’s capability to conduct them decreases. That is why a man starts feeling worse, the “light” inside him goes down. That is why any practice or maneuvers bring only temporary improvements or do not help at all.

PRANA BOX® is a unique technology which helps not only to saturate an organism with energy flows, but also to naturally equalize a human’s energy field, take off barriers which prevent free movement of energy throughout our body. This is a battery which can endlessly saturate your “bulb” with energy and contribute to this energy be properly distributed about your body. The consequences of this influence are: the improvement of a general condition of physical and psychological health, rejuvenation and renewal of organism on a cellular level, harmonization of all spheres of a man’s life.