All names and the style of writing are preserved. All those people are real and you can contact any of them if you have such a need.

Today, as of 2018, the team of like-minded people is working on creating a new domical energy park Prana Box® located on 0.3 He of land, which would give all its visitors miracles of Natural phenomena. Such a park will not only positively react with the environment but also with every visitor of it, of all ages. We believe that we’re able to do it with our own join efforts!

We know that domical energy park Prana Box is able to return the Human body to natural vibrations of the golden section (1.618) and after this – nature itself will harmonize the development of a Person following those proportions…

We are looking forward to finding financial partners and investors who would be interested in mutually beneficial cooperation for creating and further development of domical energy park Prana Box.


I am 44. My participation in the Prana Box project started in late July 2016. As of mentioned time, I weighed over 80 kg with a height of 176 cm.

At the background of autoimmune thyroiditis (Hypothyroidism. I accepted Eutirox, 100 mg per day for 5 years long), I had a heart failure, biliary tract dyskinesia, gallbladder polyposis, rapid fatigue, loss of memory, pain in the joints, and hair loss. In addition, I had an intervertebral hernia in the lumbar and cervical region, liver hemangioma, and hemangioma in the thoracic section of the spine.

The first month of restoration was the hardest. All chronic diseases have entered the acute stage. I had strong pains in my spine, stomach, gallbladder, and heart. But in September, I managed to start making yoga and noticed that my dyspnea disappeared. In October, I could allow myself to have power training in the gym and squats with 16 kg of additional weight did not cause pain or discomfort. Gradually, my digestion came into the norm. I had a change in food preferences. I completely abandoned sugar and started having the desire to eat only fruits and vegetables. I abandoned eating meat in 6 months after I had started to have my new treatment. Heart failure completely went away. Now I can easily run 5-7 kilometers, having a max heartbeat rate of 140-150 hits per minute. I make 4-5 training cycles per week (2 times yoga, 2 times for power in a gym, and 1 time for cardio) and I weight 67 kg.

I started making paintings and now I receive a full pleasure from life.

Despite the dose of the medicine remained the same, the quality of my life significantly improved. My body obviously changed. Hair became thicker, skin started having better turgor. I can say that in these 9 months, I paced for no less than 10 years. Take my warmest thanks to Oleg and the project!


I am 53. Started participating in the project in 2016. For now, I take part in Prana Box for 10 months.

All my chronic illnesses became acuter at first – I just lived through it.

I could tell I’ve been working for the drugstore before I had met the project. I used to take Gidazepam to calm down my panic attacks. Took a handful of pills every day. Suffered from claustrophobia. Now, I have completely abandoned all pills! I use both the elevator and subway. My financial state went uphill! I wake up every morning in a great mood! I love life in all its manifestations!!! Many thanks to Oleg and the project!!!


I am 29. Live in Minsk.

I showed interest in the project when in June 2016, I went to a hospital after emergency having a baby, my daughter (after 6 months of pregnancy, at labors, she weighed only 990 grams). The child was in the emergency room for newborns, in a nebulizer under an artificial lung ventilation apparatus, with severe edema, bilateral hemorrhage in the brain, congenital bilateral pneumonia, and infection of the blood. Catheters were attached to her hands and legs, tubes were inserted in her mouth and nose. Nobody wanted to tell me that my child would live. Yes, doctors said that the medical field is capable of saving different children but my baby girl was in too heavy condition. So even if she lived, nobody would make a prognosis of the consequences as such children usually stay with Cerebral palsy for all their life…

I didn’t want to believe this and so, as it seemed to me, I was trying to catch the last straw as the drowning people do, when I addressed Oleg to participate in his project called Prana Box.

I was interspersed with fear of losing my baby or having her alive but disabled. Nothing else touched me then.

Oleg explained me very simply how I should direct my thoughts, work on my fears, and let the situation happen. He became my everyday support and teacher.

I will not say that all my problems were solved in one sweet day and the world turned a better place just in a clap of a finger, no. I was afraid to close my eyes – the imagination drew me scary pictures. I started to notice disabled children on the streets. But I drew my look away hoping that my child would not meet such a destiny.

My child was in a hospital for three first months of her life. She had a severe lungs failure, operations on her eyes (the risk of blindness), the risk of losing hear, congenital heart disease, and tube feeding directly into the stomach. But the restoration process was already launched and gave its fruits. When I took her from a hospital to home, she already weighed 3,300 grams.

In the following 6 months, gradual advancements happened at home as if Nature was doing its business itself.

Now my daughter is 9.5 months, she can hear and see, develops physically and I can say with assuredness: “My miracle has happened!”

All specialists that watch my child tell me that it was a miracle and the baby is healthy. I am so grateful to the grave to Oleg and his project Prana Box for they gave me timely help!

After two years, Oleg Venger (the head of the project) received a letter from Yana (dated 07/14/2018) as follows:

“Olezhek, you helped us save our lovely daughter 2 years ago, you helped me believe in miracle!!! You were my straw, which I held, and which helped me not lose my belief! You say assuredly that she would be healthy! You convinced me to have this assuredness in me. I still can’t recall it without having tears in my eyes.

Today, she is 2, and she is a marvelous kid! I think of you every day with gratitude! I wish your family love and bliss! Thank you!!! Thank you!”


I am 45. Live in Kyiv.

When I became acquainted with the technology of Prana Box, I was searching for techniques that should help increase the level of energy in a man.

The thing is that I don’t have high energy through all my life. I become tired really fast, have to go to sleep no later than 10 PM (which is not always doable, certainly, and which does not suit my lifestyle). I want to live a full life.

When I was collecting breadcrumbs of knowledge of all sorts of ‘gurus’, I understood that there are too many restrictions in life they tell about. Until I was advised to address Oleg at some point of my searches. I am an open person to everything new, so I gladly accepted such a new possibility. I agreed about the meeting with Oleg Venger in order to understand the principles of work of Prana Box.

Oleg turned out an amazing person! Unexpectedly for me, he had answers to all my unspoken questions, which made me super glad, on one hand, but confused, on the other. I felt like I was ‘read like an open book.’ But in this conversation, I understood that it was something I’ve been searching for so long. I did not have doubts even for a second – I adopted the decision to participate in the project.

I am in the project for almost three years as of today. I never had to regret the decision I made. I forgot what tiredness is. I forgot what it’s like when having a headache. I am an easy-going person. After all, I am healthy!

Today, I really can’t imagine how would I live without Prana Box. It may sound like dependence but it is great dependence, which really improves the quality of my life.

I also want to say about the ‘side’ effects of the project. Its creator is Oleg Venger. I find each conversation with him highly inspiring. He is a wonderful person. I know I can always turn to him to receive support and understanding. And I really appreciate the number of additional materials Oleg gives me. I am grateful to him and gladly accept everything!


I am 47, like in Kyiv.

In 2015, my friends introduced me to Oleg Venger. With time, it turned out he was a really unique person. I had a complex life situation, in which I was confused and had given up, completely losing interest in life. I felt depressed and broken every day. It felt like everything gone wrecked and the entire world is against me…

Our conversation with Oleg was long. He was very attentive and then he measured something on my hands with some device. His estimation was as follows: I had to take urgent measures to bring those measurement results back to the norm. But I was so deep inside myself that I did not understand what was he talking about… Over time, I understood that this device gives a possibility to test the level of electricity in the body. Its level not only influences the self-feeling but also on what’s happening to me now and what’s gonna happen with me in the nearest future. Oleg told me this stuff so interesting and was so assured in his convictions so I trusted this man and agreed to adopt his help.

Oleg briefly described me the technology of Prana Box and told me how I could return to the regular life. Certainly, I had no doubts to participate in this project, and I have never regretted it since then!

Most of the people are surprised by my story. Some of them are in doubts. But this technology was really helpful in filling my life with new feelings. My self-feeling got better, I started making sports (play tennis, run in the mornings, swim) – all those things I simply did not want to do before. I can tell that this technology awakened my life and me.

Now my body gets saturated with new feelings every day. I have a desire to spend more time in nature, I started to drink more liquid and my general health significantly improved. My weight lowered on 4 kg.

Now I live with happiness and create new perspective projects. I have the possibility to plan my happy future and I receive a true pleasure from life! I am thankful to Oleg for his help and this wonderful Prana Box!


In Prana Box for over 2 years.

Since I came to Prana Box, I am crazily lucky. All my wishes materialize easily and quickly. It was a real discovery for me that strangers help me in various life situations and issues completely for free.

I had many changes in me for these two years, both physical and mental. I started having the energy to live right now and here, enjoying every single day. I am very grateful for this meeting with Oleg. He is so extraordinary and amazing person and he gave me a chance to be a part of the Prana Box project.


My name is Margarita Amrita Schwartzman.

I have been placed under the pyramid 2 weeks ago and I think that it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. People who know me very well get used to seeing me tired, angry, and depressed. Every morning I would get up thinking about the morning commute to work, my boss, and swimming with sharks in the corporate world I am in for such a long time! After the first 5 days of being under the pyramid, I started to feel simply happy! Nothing had changed in the outside world, but my perception had shifted towards being cheerful and optimistic about my life! That was the most unusual feeling I have ever had. And now this feeling is always with me!!! Happy to be the part of the community!!!


I am in the project since July 2014.

It is not easy at first. But, as it turned out, all I have to do is simply wait! This comes for physical state and aggravation of fears, complexes, and other unpleasant moments. My adaptation lasted for 2 months. But now I can say with 100% assuredness – it is worth it!!!

Now I feel (and all people around see it) a completely different person. I am full of energy, gladness, new ideas, and the desire to live, develop and give my love to people! For this time, I was able to do things that I dream about! These aren’t just empty words. Prana Box is really a treasure! I am thankful for this miracle!


I am 37, live in Kyiv, do the shopping business.

Since I use Prana Box (3 years as of today), I ceased to be sick. Well, I had some minor flu in the first year but then – nothing is able to make me sick. Whatever epidemic roams the town – I don’t get sick even if I am in direct contact with a person who does.

After I saw the result of increasing the electricity level in my body and made sure this really affects my life and body in general, I introduced my brother and parents to this project. Their lives also start improving now. Really – I don’t want to convince anyone, you just try for yourself. And feel those changes in you.


I am 55, I am in the project since 2014.

Through years, I stepped on the threshold of a feeling close to despair.

Everyone who makes his own business knows how much powers it takes. I regressed to taking 3 tranquilizers a day. My husband left me; my daughter wouldn’t talk to me over a year. It seemed that my worries would tear me apart soon.

In the very first day of participating in the project Prana Box, I was able to fall asleep myself, without pills, for the first time in 2 years. It was a breakthrough, I did not believe myself. I largely changed during the three upcoming months – so largely that people would not recognize me. I lost weight, got younger, changed my wardrobe, became happy, cheered, self-sufficient.

Another day, I heard a doorbell – it was my daughter, she asked if she could visit me. On this point, I understood what a miracle is and that it truly happens to me!


I am 42, live in Kyiv, work as a psychologist.

In my case, there were immediate changes. I can’t tell you they were instantaneous but things gradually became better within a few weeks. I felt like I had luck in everything that I do – everything turned out well, no matter what I started.

Before this project had occurred in my life, I was a sales representative. I couldn’t work on specialty as a psychologist. I didn’t like my work – I had to run in zillion places and felt like a horse in the circus. Suddenly, our company started internal transformations and I was offered to change my specialty, become a trainer. That’s what I really wanted so much!

I lost weight for 10 kg in several weeks. It just happened on its own. One day, passing by the meat showcase in a grocery store, I caught myself on a thought that I find it gross. I stopped eating meat – fried, fat… I wanted to change my apparels to include clothes of brighter colors. I changed my hair color from a brunette to a honey-colored blond and changed the hairstyle as well. When I look in a mirror, I really like what I see! I think it’s not just a tale, it’s a Gift that I was able to present myself. Thank you for this project, Prana Box!


I am 45. I do business.

The most valuable thing for me is not having any dependencies now. Thanks to Prana Box, I can detach from any dependency easily and quickly. I quit smoking in one day despite the fact that I was a thousand-times quitter before. I did it easily, unlike previous super hard attempts. I can live without my favorite but unhealthy products and stopped drinking gallons of coffee. Any day before, I used to drink like 10 cups of coffee – from the very morning, through the day, and before the evening training session (or I would not have strengths to do sports otherwise). Now I can live without – and still feel the ton of energy! I don’t know how a man should feel like in 45 but I surely feel well, without feeling age or time. Thank you!


I am 45. I learned about the project in 2014.

I want to express sincere gratitude to my Teachers and Mentors, who accompany me on my life path. They tell God does not send you anyone but angels who make your dreams come true. Such a Guardian angel for me became Oleg Venger. For all this time, I participated in the Prana Box project, my life changed dramatically. From a person who was struggling every day to have the place under the sun and survive, I turned unto a Person, who really is happy for every day of her wonderful life! It seemed that I was literally shining with love and happiness filling me from inside! Really, as they say, life in 45 just begins! Now I know it for sure! My kids and all my friends simply don’t recognize me. It turned out the Time started working on me! I blossom and become younger every day! For I know for sure who makes my reality. It’s me! I am thankful to you, Oleg, for your support and assistance! You are really a Friend and a Teacher! All your projects are really marvelous and I am your grateful student!

By the way, during the time I was participating in Oleg’s projects, not only outer changes happened to me but also inner state changed – in body and soul. I’ve been living for years in a rented apartment since the divorce. I didn’t have enough money to buy my own apartment in Kyiv. I didn’t want to have anything, whatever bad it was, but what I loved, cost too much. Anyway, when I agreed with the thought that my life is a good thing, in any case, a miracle happened. The apartment that I was renting was put on sale. I started to look for another place to live but the man I was dating with decided to make a present to me and so now, I own my own place, the apartment of my dreams! Anyone would believe in miracles after that. Now I know for sure that things in life happen because they have to happen so. I am grateful, Olezhek, for what you are! I am grateful to all for what they are! I love you all! See ya soon!


I am 44. A businessman. I became interested in the project in 2014.

I came across the project Prana Box in a pretty hard period of my life: I lost my business and was deep in debt. My life was empty. My inner state was also miserable. It seemed to me that life passed, that the best things have happened to me long before, and that I can’t do anything.

The most important thing that this project gave me is faith in myself. I believe that the things that fill in our bodies in this project only fit to active people who want to act. When I entered the Prana Box, I got a feeling that opportunities come to me on their own. I don’t know how I did it exactly but only for the next upcoming months, I was able to build a new successful business, pay out all my debts, my meetings became productive, and my every project was successful. I am totally confident in myself when I go to the next meeting. And it does not matter who is standing in front of me – first people of the state, Forbes’ businessmen, or the Pope himself!

I thank you, Oleg, for I have such a great opportunity to be a user-participant of the project Prana Box 24 hours a day.


I am 38, live in Kyiv, Ukraine. In the young spring 2017, I had serious health problems. I significantly lost weight and felt not so very well. I did not have even powers to engage in the most common daily chores. The analysis I did, did not show any health deviations and so doctors could not help me. My friends told me to address Oleg. After I applied the technology of Prana Box, my well-being significantly improved. My weight came back to norm, I started having life tone and interest to live. I am really grateful to Oleg for information and assistance. It really helps!


I am 50. I became interested in the Prana Box project in 2017.

My goal was to find a way to help my pet, a cat. Her name is Missis. It turned so Missis got ill with pancreatitis…

I write more information on what happened, below.

After a week or so, I started noticing the first results and wrote about it in Prana Box group. I attach the screen of my message below.

In about 4.5 months, Missis completely restored her fur layer and so I recorded a video about it (see above).

Now all our family is super thrilled about watching and enjoying the beloved pet – our cat Missis))

For over a year, our cat is in the Prana Box program and we’ve been sharing her pics from the very beginning – she got bald for over a half of the total fur, and the baldness was seen clearly on her sides and belly. When the fur started to restore thanks to Prana Box, I was excited to share her pics, showing the restoration and renewal of her fur for real. Now the skin turned shiny again, and her fur – solid and thorough as if in a black mink. All our friends and relatives keep wondering how graceful and beautiful our cat has become. Also, Prana Box influenced Missis’ appetite – it became moderate and balanced. Before that, the cat was kinda ravenous and her weight was 7.5 kg. Now she has 5 kg of weight, became more graceful, dainty, slender, with silky shiny hair!!

My family and I are excited to sincerely thank Prana Box and its creator Oleg Venger!!

We wish the project the further prosperity for the good of all of us and our pets!! Thank you for helping!!