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Water Vortex Magnetizer

MAGNETIC FUNNEL Water Vortex Magnetizer

Funnel is stemmed from investigation of
Austrian inventor, physicist Viktor Schauberger

in home


It is not a secret that human body for 80% consists of water. Not depending on our desire, every day we rewater our body. Due to the daily use of water, the human body and the natural vital processes keep a tonus and right rhythm. In order the body not only keep its functions but also revitalize, researchers and developers created a simple and useful constructor - a magnetic funnel.

Magnetic funnel is a constructor that purifies water due to magnification. Magnetic funnel is able to purify not only water but also juices, milk, cocktails and other non-viscous liquids the density of which allows creating a vortex.

Vortexed water puts enormous energy into the water. There are several groups in Europe studying this phenomenon right now.

Gerald Pollack, Professor of Engineering, University of Washington

The constructor is designed in such way to create a funnel while water passes through the small hole. In a place of the smallest hole six magnets are placed so that to generate a magnetic field and purify in a turbulent condition.

Water becomes softer and with homogeneous structure. Molecular clusters are broken into individual molecules and as a result they are better absorbed by the human body.

The body delivers purified water molecules to cells which further are purified, remove toxins and rejuvenate the body.




To drink the magnetic water is useful not only for general body purification but also for the diseases and ailments prevention. And it does not matter what your age is. Magnetic funnel purifies water at the molecular level. Without any additives, only an exceptional method of magnetization.

Magnetized water is used for the prevention of such diseases:


Usual price Water Vortex Magnetizer in the American and world market is $45

Our price is $25

Hurry up to take advantage of the offer:


SPECIAL FEATURES OF Water Vortex Magnetizer

The main difference between this magnetic funnel and its competitors is the fact that it works. This is important because there are many imitations in the market just to squeeze the money from people

Water Vortex Magnetizer has a design feature which allows you to use two containers. This also gives you a possibility to charge molecules in a closed camera. You simply attach the funnel on the one container which already contains water or other liquid you want to purify, then attach the second container on the other top.

Around the perimeter of the frame are placed six small but powerful neodymium magnets to create a magnetic field.

Our magnetic funnel Water Vortex Magnetizer is a small constructor that consists of the frame and magnets. Size of got together details of magnetic funnel: diameter - 35 mm, height - 40 mm. Arrow


Based on the investigations were identified such advantages of magnetic funnel Water Vortex Magnetizer over other items which can be found in the market.

benefits funnel

Proper design

Specially designed funnel allows you properly magnetize water or other liquids.

benefits funnel


The size of the magnetic funnel can be compared with two lids. You can always take it with you.

benefits funnel


The funnel is made from hard plastic which firmly fixes the magnets and is protected from damage.

benefits funnel


You can use the Water Vortex Magnetizer for any liquids that have a low viscosity.


Would you like to be healthy with minimal efforts and cost?

Try to use a magnetic funnel Water Vortex Magnetizer and after a short time you’ll feel yourself more confident and energetic! Arrow


To magnetize water and other liquids is very simple. Even a child can do this. This procedure takes from 60 to 80 seconds.

Take two containers (for example, two bottles of 1 liter): one with water, one empty
Attach the magnetic funnel on the container with water
Attach an empty container on the other side of the magnetic funnel
Turn the construction upside down and make three circular clockwise rotation to create a vortex
After pouring repeat the procedure again 2-3 times more

To see an example watch this video Arrow

Олег Венгер

How I discovered a magnetic funnel Water Vortex Magnetizer

Alexander Venger, entrepreneur, researcher

Certainly you’ve heard that human body of 80 % consists of water. And do you know how to use this information for your benefit? How to become healthier, happier and more cheerful using this information?

To begin with, let’s clear the situation: our body consists of water on 2/3, water has the certain qualities and properties. It is logical to assume that properties of the water used by a man influence him.

We drink dirty, low-quality water? We also become "muddy", ill, suffer from inertness and apathy. And vice versa: good water coming to the body in enough quantity improves health and appearance, raises tonus. But besides physical characteristics water also has information component, roughly speaking, it contains certain information. This information is discussed in details in the movie “Water”. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch for sure, access on the Internet is free.

I’ve been studying the informative-atomic structure of water for several years within my researches about human body. Sometimes it seems to me, that attention to miracle properties of water I genetically inherited from my father who also was interested in this subject for many years. It was my father who someday presented me the book about Victor Schauberger, an outstanding scientist-researcher who’s been studying the power and opportunities of water during all his life. He also insisted on the cluster-informational theory of structure of water. And exactly thanks to him I understood what should be done so that the water used by a person will have curative effect on the body.

So, what water is useful for the body?

If we want to be healthy and young as much as possible the water which we drink has to be purified of unnecessary information and structured. Besides good quality properties, it needs to be purified of informative "garbage", so that we drink really PURE water. Only such water, being built in a body at the cellular level brings benefit to a person.

How to purify and structure water in home conditions?

It is possible to purify information of water only with the help of magnets. Researches showed that in the process of water movement in the magnet field it changes its cluster-informational structure. Having learned this I started looking for the suitable device for structuring water in home conditions. It had to be the device for purifying water properly, also mobile and convenient, suitable for use in any conditions, including camping. Due to my activity I travel a lot and I want to drink life-giving water everyday. I have studied practically all devices changing structure of water present in the market, many of them I tried in practice, having spent much time and money for nothing. Until once, searching on the Internet again I came across the site of American company which sales magnetic funnels for water.

My first reaction was skeptical as I already had at home the whole battery of magnetic funnels I have earlier bought, none of which gave necessary effect. To buy one more? What’s the sense? But having studied the photos of the device, I paid attention to unusual arrangement of magnets in this vortex. They were placed so correctly as though they were placed according to the secret knowledge of sacral geometry.

Having become more interested I watched the advertising video, which clearly demonstrates as the funnel works. And to my surprise I found out that in the process of magnetization water twirls into that very unusual vortex about which wrote Viktor Schauberger. And it was my intuition decision to buy it. Funnel itself cost $45, and $9 I paid for its delivery from the USA to Ukraine, so $54 were invested into purchase. What wouldn't you do for the knowledge! Less than in a month I had the magnetic funnel Water Vortex Magnetizer, and I started practicing and studying how magnetized water will influence my organism.

How the magnetic funnel Water Vortex Magnetizer is working?

On the site of the seller it was stated that the water magnetized according to all technological regulations is capable not only to raise the general tonus of the body but to create real miracles.

My first experience of tonic water preparation by the way of water magnetization made me feel like out of this world. Moreover… in the truest sense of the word. I felt lightly drunken and raise of the energy, as if I had drunk a glass of good wine. From that moment I started not only drinking water which was magnetized with Water Vortex Magnetizer but also made a great number of experiments with it, having spent the whole year for it. In my experiments took part…


Everybody knows that a plant is a living organism which uses water for living. I started watering plants with magnetized water and found out they grew better and give more fruit. I planted 2 groups of plants, one of which I watered with ordinary water, and other with magnetized. And it was like a miracle because plants watered with magnetized water were much higher than "colleagues" from the first group. I was happy as a child.


My dog Rex started drinking magnetized water. And here the results didn't keep themselves waiting: Rex became energetic as ball of fire. It was active and cheerful, all day in playful mood, and few weeks later I noticed that its hair became satiny.


Thanks to the wonder-funnel the blood pressure of my grandmother became normal. She became much more alive, stopped complaining about health and even about life. We didn't see her so smiling and joyful for a long time! Looking at these metamorphoses my mother, who is very skeptical, began drinking magnetized water too. As she actively works on her fitness she paid attention first to the changes in this sphere. And it occurred that the use of the magnetized water helps to lose excess weight because it accelerates the process of burning of fat tissue. In addition, mother felt perfectly even during strong physical activities.


I felt effect of drinking magnetized water at once. I became more energetic, cheerful, and alive, I forgot about cold, cough, bronchitis and other problems with health. I noticed that my nails got stronger, hair - shining and skin clean and healthy. So you can understand how happy I was!

Moreover, I went further in my experiments and tried to magnetize also other liquids. For example, I found out that cheap wine after magnetizing with magnetic funnel Water Vortex Magnetizer changed its taste qualities obtaining noble taste and aroma. I recommend to try!

I can endlessly tell you about wonderful discoveries which I’ve made during a year of my experience of usage of miracle-funnel, but the main thing was that I’ve found what I had been looking for! And I want to share this device with all, I sincerely consider that each person, each family should have such magnetic funnel. It is my dream now.

How to become the owner of Water Vortex Magnetizer for $25?

Yes, sure, you understand right, only 25 American dollars and not $54 as I’ve paid. It is a reasonable price, isn't it? I found the manufacturer of Water Vortex Magnetizer, which offers magnetic funnels in the form of constructor. I know how to put this constructor together and ready to present it to you in case of your paying me $25 for the service of putting this constructor together. Total cost is $25 for the device which will change your life for better. It is really good product, deserving your attention, especially for such amount of money.

What the constructor Water Vortex Magnetizer consists of?

Magnetic funnel Water Vortex Magnetizer consists of 7 elements:

  • the basis from transparent plastic in the form of hollow cylinder with bilateral thread connection. On the center of an external circle of the cylinder are 7 deepenings for magnets installation;
  • 6 powerful neodymium magnets.

The constructor can be put together for less than 5 minutes, and magnet funnel is completely ready for usage. Now you can drink water which is like high-quality fuel will feed all cells of your body. I achieved that everyone could order such funnel worldwide, where it with guarantee will arrive in good working state. Take care about health – your and of your relatives – because health is above wealth.

Help yourself and also me to make my dream come true!


  • Buyer Water Vortex Magnetizer

    Vadim Kasterov

    Software developer

    The funnel works very well, the product is simple but very interesting. It makes the taste of water much better. I recommend the seller!

    Buyer Water Vortex Magnetizer

    Oksana Bragar

    Director of Translation Agency

    Magnetic funnel is a very useful invetation which helps you to improve your health and forget about filters for water purification forever. Cheap and efficient. I recommend!

  • Buyer Water Vortex Magnetizer

    Sergei Volkov

    Deputy Finance Director

    It was nice to try using this invention! I’ve been going in for sports for many years and in a complete description was stated that the magnetic funnel gives energy and helps to burn fat tissue actively. I really liked this product, thank you!

    Buyer Water Vortex Magnetizer

    Ekaterina Gromova

    Manager of attractions

    I would have never believed that the funnel corrects health, it seems like the simple fun for children. Just a week and the funnel helped me to sleep better.

  • Buyer Water Vortex Magnetizer

    Vladislav Kenzov

    Manager of visa department

    My dentist is very surprised because during the past month my gums became perfectly healthy but what is most important I didn’t use any drugs. Thank you that you for selling such a useful product.

    Buyer Water Vortex Magnetizer

    Viktoriia Stashenko

    Restaurant manager

    I didn’t see the effect for a long time but after a while, I noticed that my hair became shining and it grows quicker. Believe in everything, thank you for such device.


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